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  1. I am new, how does covoiturage.cm work?

    covoiturage.cm is a plat-form where any person wishing to share his/her journey with other people can insert FREE OF CHARGE the announcement concerning the journey. The announcer may be a Driver proposing available seats in his/her vehicle or a Passenger looking for a Driver to share his/her journey with him/her. Once the announcement is successfully inserted and published, you could be contacted directly by Phone by anyone interested by the offer. Once the contact is made, it is now up to the Driver to decide where to meet for departure. Nevertheless, to insert a journey on the site, you need to have a User Account; if you do not have it yet, just Register now ! .

    Important : Ever and ever make sure that the appointment site, that is the place to meet is well known and busy enough, so as to avoid as much as possible any attack or aggression. covoiturage.cm is by no way responsible for any malpractice. Make sure the fare for the journey is paid at the destination or during the journey.

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  2. How to choose the language ?

    covoiturage.cm is available in both languages French and English. To choose your language, click on the language selector at the top left of the site

    or on the language widget on the main lateral bar of the site at the right or below the page, and then select the language you desire.

  3. How to register?

    Anyone wishing to insert an announcement of journey on the site, either as as Driver or Passenger, must first of all, subscribe for a User Account, by clicking on Register at the top right of the site (see the arrow in the image below)

    and the following window will appear on your screen.

    Once the window is open, enter your username, email address, gender, residence country and accept the terms of use concerning the site. Then click on “Create Account”.

  4. How to post a Ride ?

    After subscribing for a User Account and being successfully connected, click on “Post a Ride FOR FREE” to insert your Ad; the following window will appear on your screen :

    In case both the departure and destination cities are in Cameroon, then select the category “Cameroon“, otherwise, select the category “Africa“. After choosing the corresponding category for your trip, another field will automatically appear, where you will have to choose who you are: Driver or Passenger. See the image below.

    If you are proposing places in your vehicle, select “Driver“, if not select “Passenger” and click on “Ok” to continue. Supposing you are a Driver and your journey will take place in Cameroon, the foolowing form will appear on your screen after you click “Ok” :

    If you travel from a city to another one in Cameroon, for instance, from Douala to Yaoundé, then select the value “From a city to another one” for the field “You move“. Enter the cities of departure and destination, the date and hour of departure, the number of available seats in the vehicle, the fare per passenger, etc.. If the fare per passenger is negotiable, tick the squre beside “YES”. Beware: to enter the date and hour of departure, you must select the date on the calendar and the hour on the selector which appears just after clicking the field.

    Now assuming that your journey will take place inside a city, that means, from a district to another one, then select the value “Inside a city (from a district to another one)” for the field “You move” and fill all fields analog to the previous case.

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  5. How to search a Ride ?

    On the welcome page of covoiturage.cm there is a bar to help you look for journeys through Cameroon as well as through Africa und inside a city.

    If for instance your departure city is Douala and city of the destination Yaoundé, then you should click on “Search a Ride in Cameroon” as presented on the above image. After filling all the requirements and after clicking on the research symbol, the list of all journeys you wish will appear. In case you are looking for a Ride inside a city, then click on the tab “Search a Regular Ride inside a city” and fill all the requirements. After that, click on the research symbol and the list of all journeys you wish will appear.

      +/- days

      “+/- days” allows you the ability to search for scheduled trips a few days before and after the date that you insert in the field “When” (see on image below).

      For example, if you wish to travel on January 1, 2014 and select + / – 2 days, the Rides scheduded at 30, 31 December 2013, 01, 02 and 03 January 2014, if they exist, will be offered.


      “Radius” lets you search Rides whose city of departure and / or destination city is (are) within x(entered by you) km around the city you have selected in the fields “From” and / or “To” .

      For example, if you want to travel from Douala to Loum and select 10 km as radius around the destination city Loum, in this case, in addition to the reference Ride “Douala – Loum,” the Ride “Douala – Penja”, if it exist, will be also proposed because Penja is located about 9 km from Loum.

  6. How to contact a Ride announcer ?

    To contact a Ride announcer, click on the ad in question. Once on the page of the ad, you will find his/her phone number.

  7. What is my Account / How to edit an ad?

    In “My Account” you will find all your announcements and your profile with all your personal data. Yet, to have access to “My Account”, any Driver/Passenger who has already registered, must identify himself/herself by typing his/her Email adress and password. Once you have logged in successfully, click on “My Account” at the top right of the site and the following window will appear on your screen, where you can see the list of your ads.

    To change any of your trips in progress, click on the icon “Edit” (the first symbol in this picture) below the column “Options” and the announcement will open. Modify the relevant fields and click “Update ad” to update your listing. To delete an announcement, click on the icon “Delete Ad”(symbol x in this picture)

    To access or modify your profile, click on “My Profile” at the right of the page (see the arrow in the lower image).

  8. What if i forget my password? how to find it ?

    To receive a new password, click on “Lost your password?” (see the arrow in the lower image):

    Then, appears on your screen the following window :

    Enter your username or email address provided during registration and click on “Reset Password”. A new password will be emailed to you.

  9. How to contact the covoiturage.cm's team ?

    To contact the team, please complete the contact form by clicking on this link Contact Us or call one of the following numbers :

      Phone 1: (00237) 651 45 44 44
      Phone 2: (00237) 696 81 83 84

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